Everybody Loves Tacos

One dinner we all look forward to are tacos. I recently used spicy ground turkey for the meat and they were delicious. One thing I love about Taco Tuesday is the containers I get to serve them in. Years ago, my sister gave me a large serving tray with removable sections. I use this tray every time we have tacos. Assembly and clean up are super easy. 

Speaking of clean up, delegating dinner clean up to the boys has been great for all of us. One son clears the table and the other one cleans it. They both help Mark load the dishwasher and store leftovers. I enjoy a small chunk of time reclining, reading a magazine or calling family or friends. 

It's the little things, like allowing the kids to help with a part of dinner, that have transformed our house into a more peaceful home. The boys are held accountable and they see their dad leading through service. On Taco Tuesdays, there aren't many leftovers anyway.