Meal Plans Murdered in March

There wasn’t much meal planning going on in March. The first week in March I used up what I had in the fridge. The second week in March was spent in Haiti as part of a mission trip. Who knows what we ate the third week? The last week in March I spent in Vegas with my husband while he was attending a conference there. 

Sometimes life is like that, right? Your little “plan” of the moment just doesn’t seem to fit with the weird circumstances surrounding your days. Your “fitness" plan is thwarted by a sickness. Your plan to clean the house bombs when work piles up. The “make time for friends” plan doesn’t come to life because your family member has a crisis. Our plans are guidelines to keep us going in the right direction toward an attainable goal. When you fall off the wagon, dust yourself off and get back on when the time is right. 

Meal planning just didn’t fit into life in March, and that’s okay because so many other cool things did. I have lots to tell you about, like my trip to Haiti, Viva Las Vegas, and turning my kids allowance into their commission, among others. For now, check out the easy parmesan chicken that you can also pull off this week. 

Just for kicks, this is a glimpse of what our dinners look like when Mark is out of town. Does your cooking change when your man isn't home for dinner? Or do your menus remain the same? Just curious!