I like it spicy!

Although it's an old menu, I wanted to share some recipes and get your take on veggie crumbles. 

Our family loves fish. My older son will choose seafood above everything else on any menu. I've adapted a recipe I first found in my favorite cookbook, Taste of Home Busy Family Favorites. which my mom gave me a couple years ago. I made Busy Day Porkchops for a friend after she delivered twins and she also had to get her hands on the cookbook. She has since referred her friends to the great and easy recipes that can be prepared in 30 minutes or less. I do not receive any compensation from mentioning the book, but when I find something excellent, I want to share it with others.

So, anyway, back to the fish. You'll see in my recipe that I'm not afraid of red pepper. I like to spice things up, but if it's too much for you, just cut back on the fire. I love the ease of dipping the fillets in egg and then in the cheese and herbs and just baking it. By the time you set the table and steam the rice, dinner is ready!

Both of my boys like Ranch dressing, but my younger son loves the stuff. I know, it 's not the best thing for us, but making sure my boys eat salad is worth serving something white. Marinating chicken breasts in the dressing and then baking them for 20 minutes is too easy. After pricing a few items, I realized that buying frozen chicken breasts is cheaper than fresh breasts of the same weight. What's great is that I can smother the Ranch on the frozen chicken and bake them from frozen! That lets me sneak a few paragraphs in before attending to the rest of dinner!

Now to the fake stuff. I discovered veggie crumbles about fifteen years ago and I've been using them ever since. I like the variety the crumbles add to our meal time and using them is quick and easy. Morningstar Farms is my go to company for breakfast sausage, Chik Patties and meatless crumbles. I just love pesto, and I'm determined to make it soon. For now I just buy the small jar when I'm out. I boiled cheese tortellini and then tossed it with olive oil, pesto, soy crumbles, and tomatoes. So good! I'm aware of the controversy surrounding soy and males, so we just have the stuff sparingly. I don't think I need to worry about lack of testosterone in these guys. My, they are handsome!

You'll notice my Black Bean Butternut Soup showed up again on the menu. My boys thought it was too soon, but I savored it with cornbread.