How to Get Quiche on Your Dinner Table

The salmon and corn pasta is a great way to add variety to the salmon patty. I've made the dish before without the corn, but I just love the crunch, and so do the boys.

You know those days when all you can do is open up a can of soup and throw a grilled cheese on the skillet? That was Tuesday. Yes, even moms that work part-time are rushed, every now and then. Sometimes getting things accomplished and running kids to their destinations takes precedence over home cooked and presentation. Hey, no one complained. 

Mom gave me this Paula Dean dish. Love!
I just love broccoli and bacon quiche! This was one of those weeks that I was determined to use up what I had on hand. I would rather have the crust on a quiche, but really didn't want to buy one. Try it one night at your table. You can call it something more manly if you have boys: Bacon (that will catch them with just that word!) and Broccoli Deep Dish. Hmmm. So good.

No one has figured out that Quesadillas are just Grilled Cheese Sandwiches on flour tortillas. We'll keep it like that. 

The twist on the Fish and Chips was colorful and savory. I found sea salt real cheap at Costco and sprinkled some on the fries before serving. Do you like sweet potato fries? I could eat everyone's portion of them and still want more. Love the texture and the taste. 

I love the inherent thrill of creating beauty out of what I already have. In doing so, time was carved out and conversations turned into laughter. Offering to others what God has given you can transform your dinner table, as well as your life.