Snow Days!

My boys loved staying home from school during our 2 partial and 2 full snow days last week. I was caught up on my shopping, so I was able to volunteer at the high school Monday, instead of pushing a shopping cart around. 

It was a good thing, too. The roads were icy and dangerous, so I didn't go out until Thursday to get the pork chops. I planned to make meatloaf on Saturday, but taxiing a kid to a birthday party and organizing the garage with hubby took precedence and was much more enjoyable. Since I no longer had an hour and a half to make a family favorite, I decided to throw the ground turkey with some veges and lo and behold! My first succotash was born! 

I take comfort in knowing my dinners are planned for the next two weeks. But isn't it great when you can occasionally toss the plans out the window and create something on the fly? Sometimes, beauty is creating something new out of things you once overlooked. I'd love to hear your best pantry raid turned delish dish or your version of succotash. 

M:        Tacos
T:         Morningstar Farm Chik Patties
W:        Fish and Homemade Potato Fries
TH:       Chicken Nuggets, Quinoa, salad
F:         Pork Chops, Couscous, Broccoli
Sat:      Ground Turkey Succotash
S:         Game Day