Make It Easy Monday

Monday is my errand and grocery day. It's also my day to pick up at the middle and high school, so I need to have everything finished by 2:40. When I pull in the garage at 4:10, it's nice to know that I have a Make It Easy Monday dinner planned. This is a no-brainer, freezer-to-oven meal. This frees me up to go over the week's homework with boys, preview projects, and stay on top of their chores and responsibilites. Football games filled our Monday night schedules in the fall, and basketball games keep us busy now. So, it's great to have a light dinner load when you need it.

I knew I was working Wednesday, so I planned an easy and healthy meal: Salad and French bread. Romaine lettuce, tomatos, celery, cheese, olives... You should have seen the confused faces at the table that night! And then shock when they asked me where the rest of the meal was and I told them it was soup and salad night. Probably just save that for my lunches.

I found the chicken tortilla soup the other day, thanks to Pintrest, on a blog called Liv Life and couldn't wait to try it. It was easy enough and the chicken and black beans made it hardy. I threw four frozen chicken breasts in the crock pot early in the day to make things easier.

When I'm not subbing, Fridays are my clean and organize days. I don't pick ANYONE up from school and my day feels so long! And it's great. I love to have friends over on the weekend, so it just makes sense to get the house in shape on Fridays. This is also the day when one of my guys gets their favorite meal. 

My mother in law actually gave me the idea. I ask the guys, "What meal would you like to have in the next two weeks?" They each tell me one and I do my best to incorporate them into the meal plan for the next fourteen days. Well, here's what I usually get:

Guy 1: varies every two weeks
Guy 2: Fish and Chips or Orange Chicken (every time!)
Guy 3: I don't know 

I like it because I get three, sometimes just two, dinner ideas and the guys look forward to dinner.

We love lasagne, and Costco makes a mean pan of it. I like to make, or just heat up, comfort food on Saturdays. Home organization, yard work, laundry, and family outings usually fill our hang out day. 

Two great blogs to help you with meal planning are Moderately Crunchy and This Week For Dinner. Super good resources for ideas and practical tools. 

So, that's just a glimpse into the what and why of my meal plans. 

What system do you use? What things make your life easier when it comes to planning dinners?