Geeked on Greek

I just LOVE Greek yogurt! The texture is much thicker than regular yogurt and packs more protein. My breakfast of choice consists of Greek yogurt with chocolate chips and coffee. I'll throw in an occasional banana with my second cup of coffee to convince myself I'm eating healthy.

My love affair with the olive-skin-named dairy food began about five years ago. Chobani sells individual cups with fruit on the bottom, and that's what I ate for a while. Then, during that brief phase of My Fitness Pal, it was brought to my attention that each cup has about 20 grams of sugar! So, I switched to just plain Greek yogurt, and I add my own chocolate chips, of course.

I was delighted to come across an article on Greek yogurt last week that suggested using it in place of buttermilk. So, on Monday, I replaced one cup of buttermilk for one cup of plain Greek yogurt. My Chicken Pot Pie was delicious! After the rave reviews came in, I let the family in on the secret ingredient. My boys were stunned, since they seem to faint at the smell of my breakfast. My husband loved it!

Anyway, it's always a treat when I can find ways to make our dinners delicious and healthy, so you can imagine my joy when I learned I had a reason to buy more Greek yogurt. 

M:         Chicken pot pie
T:          Herbed Fish Fillets, quinoa, buttered carrots
W:         Family birthday dinner out
TH:       Clean out the Fridge
F:          Orange Chicken, rice, broccoli
Sat:       Nana’s spaghetti salad, bread
S:          Birthday Pizza Party!