Meal Plans

As a teacher, I was used to planning. There were lesson plans, long range plans, content area plans, student plans for improvement, and many other plans. After all that paper work, planning family meals was a breeze and something I enjoyed. Life became SO much easier when I had a plan for dinners. One week in advance was good. Two weeks of meal plans were great. I could get most of what I needed for two weeks in one trip, and I only had to plan meals every other week. It didn’t always work out that way, but that was ideal.

I’m more concerned about planning the meals than sharing the perfect recipe. I figure you have your favorite cook books, family recipes, and cooking sites to get the information you need. For me, the hardest part of all this was figuring out what’s for dinner, not so much how to make it. That was the EASY part! 

I’m hoping that you can use these menus to generate ideas for your own meal plans.